Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Black Booties

Thank you for all of your good wishes on Molly Anne.  We went to her pediatrician late in the day on Monday and he confirmed it was croup, not asthma or allergies.  We were almost thankful for that?!  But now the big time congestion has set in.  I just hope it doesn't turn into an ear infection in a few days.  I guess time will tell.  We've kept her home the last two days, not sure about today, we'll see.  


I remember last year thinking that I would really wear a pair of black booties if I had them.  I could wear them to work if they were dressy enough and I could wear them out with black Lilly travel pants.  I just got my first pair of toothpick jeans and I really like them (they're high rise!) so I'm going to wear those with booties this fall.  I love some white jeans with booties.  Good transition outfit, I think!

Anyway, I do think black booties would be a staple piece this fall and winter.  I'm going to try to pull these off ha!  I ordered this pair and this pair so we'll see which end up working and I'll return the ones that don't.  Stay tuned and I'll report back in, hopefully next week!

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  1. I hope MA is feeling better! It I is such a blessing that it isn't asthma. Love your options! I bought a pair a few years ago, but now with SC on the scene, I just don't wear them. I guess I should go dust them off!