Friday, August 4, 2017

Five on Friday - Phone, Chips, Crafts, Friends

My phone flew out of a side pocket of some shorts this week and landed perfectly on our concrete driveway!  Thank goodness for Apple Care.  Instead of $129, it was $29 to fix at the Apple Store.  So now my apple care has paid for itself!   

My friend Danica from Chic Runner wrote about these chips so I got them on our next Teeter order.  Well we finally opened them this week and they are so good.  Kevin picked out this salsa and it's the cheapest salsa at HarrisTeeter (it seems like at least - under $1.60!) but I think it's the best we've had.  Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa is still probably the best but this is pretty good for store bought!  We've already gone through two jars of it.  

We've been at home A LOT this week (every day all day except for a few hours when she went to Becky's) so when I had a minute without Molly Anne and I was at Target getting necessities, I picked up these fun crafts for something different to do.  You can get them on Amazon - paint and brushes.  Couldn't find the sponges online but they have them at our local store with the crafts!

I threw a plastic table cover on her little table and she went to town.  

And thankfully it washed right off her hands and shirt super easily!  So yes, it's true, that paint is washable!

I had a girls night on Monday and also on Wednesday this week.  I will say, I'm just so thankful for my group of friends.  We are all in the same stage of life and they are all wonderful moms.  I learn so much every time I'm with them.  And they're just really nice girls.  Anyway, sentimental post - thankful for their friendships! 

Who is this grown up girl with a pony tail?! 


  1. happy friday! so glad you got your phone fixed for cheap! Love that sweet little MA with a pony, they grow up too fast!! Those stampers look so fun, my boys would love them! Have a great weekend!

  2. Have you ever tried Casa Sanchez salsa? We just adore it and found it at Whole Foods in the refrigerated case. We live in Calif. so don't know if it can be found in other states, but it is unbelievably good, I have never found any other salsas that compare. I will have to look for those lime chips. Molly Anne always looks so cute!

  3. That last pic of MA is TOO cute. Such a big girl!

  4. Look at you getting your craft on with Molly Anne! So impressed! :) And those chips sound soooo good to me right now! Def getting them as soon as I'm done with whole 30!

  5. 1) great idea for the painting activity! Need to check out those sponges.
    2) love Late July chips! Have to try that kind!
    3) loved seeing you twice this week! So thankful for your friendship! :)

  6. Please tell me that you have the phone screen cover??? It has saved my phone 100s of times!