Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Molly Anne-isms

Molly Anne has been on a roll lately saying the funniest stuff and I just want to remember some of them!  

1.  Last weekend I put her in the car and she looked at me and matter of factly said, "Mama your eyes are BLUE!"  

2.  Yesterday morning Kevin went in to get her out of her crib and she told him she didn't want to get out of bed.  Then I went in there to see her and at one point we both left and she yelled, "Mama, Daddy come back!"

3.  She is pretty much obsessed with Big Bunny and Little Bunny.  And Big Bunny is the Mama and she will tell you all about that!  

4.  She will count to 15 by herself.  She can pretty much sing the ABC's but mumbles part of it.  She knows all of her body parts including elbows and a forehead haha.

5.  She likes bossing Mills around, "Mills COME!"

6.  Mills has been going into her room when she is sleeping (which he had quit doing) but we find him in there just laying right by her crib.  He likes to go in in the morning and wake her up.  One morning we heard her say, "Look Millsy, it's a triangle!"  She had formed her hands in a triangle and was showing him.  I'm sure he cared haha!  Still, so cute!

7.  She has become picky about what she wants to wear.  She'll tell me she doesn't want to put her dress on then 2 minutes later she wants to put it on.  Yes I want that and no I don't are common responses within one second of each other.  And yes, she's OBSESSED with her Hunter boots.  I have to hide them.

8.  If she isn't facing me and I tell her to turn around she starts turning in circles!

9.  She likes to say, "Mama hold you" or "Daddy hold you" to us if she wants us to pick her up.

10.  We've been working a lot on manners and she is actually pretty good about saying "yes ma'am" but the funniest is when she says it to Kevin. She hasn't gotten ma'am versus sir ha!

11.  For a little while, she kept saying, "I can't" if she was trying to get her shoe on or off or something like that.  Well we kept telling her that yes she can and she can do anything she sets her little mind to do.  Now if she's struggling doing something she yells out, "I CAN!"  It's so funny!

12.  She remembers everything.  Everything.  

13.  She is big into getting any boo-boo kissed and then she'll say, "it's all better!"  When we had to give her eye drops a couple weeks ago, every time we got them out she said, "might make my eyes feel better."   

14.  When you ask her what her name is, she says her middle and last name.  If you ask her my name, she says my first and last name.  Soon, I'll make her memorize my phone number ha!  Joking. Kinda.  

15.  Any time I change my clothes and come out wearing something different, she says, "bye mama!  Mama's goin to work."  She associates me changing clothes with me going to work.  Creature of habit and routine!  

16.  Kevin sings Frank Sinatra, New York New York with her every night after bath (and has her whole life) and she has the whole thing memorized.  It's hilarious watching the two of them sing it and do the same motions every night.  ;)


  1. she is the cutest!! My 9 year old niece has a "big bunny" that she still sleeps with nightly. My favorite is when kids say "hold you" its so sweet. She's getting so growny and such a fun age! I love when they finally are talking good and can understand everything. 3 is even better because you can have an actual conversation and they say the funniest things!

  2. I love that she has her bath time song and routine with her daddy memorized. That's adorable,e and impressive. She seems like such a fun little toddler to be around.

  3. So, why New York New York? Such a funny choice for a southern man! Ha.

  4. love her! New York New York is a catchy tune... :)