Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pawleys Trip

While Kevin worked on Friday and did stuff around the house on Saturday, Molly Anne and I headed to Pawleys Island to see my brother, SIL and nieces.   Molly Anne always thinks she is a big girl when she hangs with them and Anna Kate thinks Molly Anne is a real life American Girl doll.  It is really fun to watch the three of them together!  Plus, they have lots of different toys to play with!

Blue tongue and a little dirt on the boots.

Adorable right?!

When you're with your Aunt, you can sit on the counter to eat breakfast!

Anna Kate and I ran out to go to a couple shops on Saturday morning and when we came back Molly Anne had gotten to do all kinds of fun things with Emily and Sarah.  

We all waited for my brother to get back from work and Emily and I kicked things off with a mimosa because why not?!

Then we headed out on the creek and walked over to the beach!  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's my favorite beach.  No one is ever on it and it's just so so pretty!

Emily is out there in the ocean with the three girls!

Running wild!

I love this picture of her sitting on their dock!

Sunday we went to the pool and Molly Anne wore goggles for the first time ha!

Life is good for Miss Molly Anne!

We scooted back to Charlotte Sunday afternoon and regrouped for the week!  We LOVE going down there to see them!  

What has everyone gotten from the Lilly sale?!  Are you shopping again today?!


  1. That beach! And those mimosas! What a perfect weekend trip

  2. That beach is amazing! Would love to live so close to one. OCMD is just not the same. ha.

  3. So fun that you got have a little weekend trip!!! And you're so lucky you always have somewhere to stay at the beach!