Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Nice Gift

Whew, I drove 4 hours to Roanoke, Virginia yesterday, took someone to lunch, had a few other meetings then drove 4 hours home.  It was a long and worthwhile day!  I left the house at 6:45am and returned at 6:45pm to no power in the house (due to a storm) and a bathed/fed child!  The second part of that was nice but no power was blah!  Thankfully it came back on 1.5 hours later.


On Monday I was sitting at my desk looking at my calendar and decided I wanted to get one of my friends a gift and her birthday was Tuesday.  Usually we don't do gifts but I wanted to take it to her as a surprise and a little pick me up because she's had a rough couple of months.  I headed to Williams Sonoma because I can always find a pretty generic and nice gift there.  I also know all of the girls in there from when we did our wedding registry 4 years ago ha!

Anyway, I put this together and think it's a nice gift with all three items but you could totally mix them up.  It can be a "happy birthday" or a "happy fall" or "I was thinking about you" or "cheer up" or a "Merry Christmas!"  Best part is that they wrap it so nicely.  I slipped the card on top and done!

This loaf pan which is on sale with an additional 20% off!  I own the red one in this and love using it for pumpkin bread in the Fall.  

This pumpkin chocolate chunk bread mix.  They have a lot of these in the gluten free version too!

This oven mitt - everyone can always use a new, fresh oven mitt!  


  1. this is the cutest gift! I know I'd love to get it. You are so sweet to think of your friend and get her this, I am sure it picked her spirits right up!

  2. I live in Roanoke, VA! And we were just in Charlotte this past weekend for the PGA. So funny!

  3. Emile Henry is such a perfect pick me up! I love that it's the practical day-to-day stuff that I use constantly, but the quality and colors (and hello - ruffles!!) make it feel indulgent and special every time. So thoughtful, you're a great friend.