Thursday, August 10, 2017

House Update - What's Happening

This week they installed our sliding glass doors and other doors to the outside.  Yesterday they poured the concrete pad on both porches so the slate can be put on that.  Next week drywall will begin and that's when it will really come together.  Cabinets will be on site in four weeks...they're currently being made.  Also, brick will be happening on the outside of the house in the next few weeks, it was delivered yesterday.

I've been working on more of the "pretty" stuff lately - paint colors, lights, bar stools (the ones I love are $1,475 each, not happening), mirrors, furniture, curtains.

Lights are making me stay up late at night.  I just cannot figure out what to get except that one Pottery Barn light that we already bought for our foyer.  I haven't seen anything I HAVE to have yet.  We'll see.  Still on the hunt!

Here is our kitchen cabinet layout and specifications!  I know it's hard to read but it was very cool getting to decide the details on this!


  1. I can't wait to see the kitchen come together. I love love love kitchens!!! It's all going to be so beautiful!

  2. How exciting!! We are completely gutting and remodeling our kitchen and we finally decided on the layout and bought the cabinets last week! I feel like I've looked at so many pictures like the one you posted that I see them in my dreams now lol! Good luck with yours!!!

  3. I really can't wait to see what lighting you pick! This is one of the things I thought I'd immediately change, but it kind of has me stumped!