Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Couple of Girl's Days

Ms. Becky is on vacation this week so my girl and I have had a fun time hanging out while I work.  It's a pretty exciting balance as I'm sure you can imagine! ;) 

On Monday after some errands, we had a girl's luncheon at Zoe's and my Molly Anne sat in the booth with me instead of in a high chair.  When did she grow up?!  She was an angel throughout all 6 places of errands we went (yes, 6!).  And she talked THE ENTIRE TIME.  She spoke to every person she saw in Home Depot, Talbots, Home Goods, Target, Zoes and Teeter.  "Hey Guys!"  "What are yall doing?"  "Hey Man"  "How are you?"  Told them about her new pretty dress with ladybugs and pink polka dots.  Told them about how she asked for piggies in her hair.  EVERYTHING.  

After nap we went on a walk.  She loves her red wagon and eating popcorn (Pirate's Booty) at the same time!  

After the walk I had a conference call and she watched Frozen.  I was impressed with her sitting still and not being loud ha!  

We went outside while we waited for Kevin to get home and played with her new soccer ball.  She is starting Soccer Shots this Fall.  Haha!  It was adorable.  I had noticed that she liked kicking beach balls and running after them so I think she will love soccer.  I can just see her now. This time, she played in her smocked dress and Hunter boots!  

Yesterday we went to the airport overlook to watch planes land and take off.  She LOVED it.  We took a picnic lunch too.  It was soooo unseasonably cold.  Okay it was only like 68 degrees with a breeze but in August that's crazy for us in the south.  

Then we went straight into the airport and got a gate pass to go pick up Nannie!  Her flight ended up being very delayed so we spent A LOT of time in the airport wasting time with a child who didn't have a nap at all.  That was exciting.  First up, harassing business travelers in the club.  Check out the look on her face....

Then we walked all of the terminals up and down and ended up in the D terminal and played where there weren't many people and a large open space.  She loved that.  

We grabbed Nannie and went home!  We are looking forward to a fun week with her!