Friday, August 25, 2017

Special Night!

Last night Molly Anne and Kevin got to have a special night with his parents celebrating his Dad's birthday!  They went to Mickey and Mooch for dinner!  And when you're with your Nana and PapaG you get to eat ice cream!

And look at all of the "gray ducks and their Mamas!"  

So sweet!  She loves her Nana and PapaG!  And I loved getting lots of videos and pictures of their fun from Kevin!

I was sorry to miss the big birthday dinner but I've been in Utah since Wednesday.  Returned home late last night/early this morning.  Had a big rental car debacle while I was there (first time ever!) and had to take a $107 uber ride to my meeting.  Hey, there's a first for everything, even after 12 years of traveling!

Sitting here getting some work done now and I'm heading for another adventure this afternoon.  

See you all here on Monday!

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