Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mills is FIVE!

Today is Mills' birthday!  In case you had no idea, I'm basically obsessed with my Mills.  Kevin surprised me with him for my 30th birthday!  He was 12 weeks old.  And he is the best dog/part human!  We will be celebrating tonight the way we always do - a peanut butter and goodie cake!  Enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Mills over the years.  

You can see that his face has gotten very white since Molly Anne was born, ha!  That's a big job he has - caring for her!  ;)  We never followed any of the rules of bringing a baby into the home with a dog.  From day one we let him sleep in her room right by the crib and he babysat for us often when we were doing something else - quickly of course! :)  He still loves her something fierce!  He only rests after we are all out of the house or if Molly Anne is asleep.  Otherwise, he is on guard to her every need.  It's funny!  The love between the two of them is something very special.  

There is not a better dog than Mr. Miller Westben, named after Miller Lite and his breeder.  xo Millsy G!  

July 2017

Christmas 2013


  1. Sweet boy!! happy birthday to your first baby. I love that he is MA protector, so sweet!!

  2. Such a sweetheart! Hope he has the best birthday ever!

  3. Sweet Sweet Millsy baby! Hope he has such a good birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday Mills! Oh gosh how funny with the white face...babies will do that to you ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, Mills! Such a sweet boy. Those early pictures of him and MA just about did me in!