Monday, August 21, 2017

Fun Weekend

Here's a little weekend recap for ya!

Friday night we went over to Sarah and Mike's for a family get together!  The children all ran wild because they have ALL the fun toys!  

Saturday morning the airplanes were going over our house every couple of minutes so Molly Anne had a ball watching each one!  She wanted to watch them again Sunday and they weren't there so we had a little conversation learning about flight paths haha!

Saturday morning we went to Maggie's 2nd birthday party at Charlotte Swim Club!  It was adorable and yall know Molly Anne loved swimming.

Thomas and Molly Anne sucked down those juices!

Molly Anne hugging the birthday girl!

After nap we worked on tracing letters.  You can see how that went but Molly Anne loved it!  She talked about "tracing letters" all weekend!  I got this Wipe Clean book from Usbourne.  

Sunday morning we headed to church.  Molly Anne still isn't a fan of going into her little class but she's getting a little better.  Every time we pick her up she talks about how much fun she has.  I think the lack of consistency is the hard part but she definitely understands where she is and what she is doing there.  Even if we go one time a week (which we aren't great at doing), I just don't think that's often enough for her to get completely used to it.  But she will get it eventually.  Her outfit is from TBBC.  Her color combo isn't in stock any longer but this one is and it's on sale!  

I think this is the cutest picture.  I need to get it printed so we can frame it for his office!

Love this little girl!

I couldn't resist adding this one too because is there any denying that she is my child?!  

After nap we went to the pool because where else would we be?!!

I made these Korean Beef Bowls for dinner which were easy and reasonably healthy.  I think she said there are about 320 calories in each serving.  

Last night Molly Anne was asleep by 7 and was up at 7:45 crying her eyes out.  We got her calmed down and she went back to sleep.  She was back up at 9:30 but not crying as much and eventually fell back asleep.  At 11 I heard her and went in there again.  I finally got her awake enough so I could give her Motrin.  Don't know about your children but Molly Anne will not take any medicine unless she is awake awake!  

I'm about 99% sure it was her molars bothering her.  I thought after the first wake up that maybe she had a bad dream or something.  But three times is so unlike her that I knew something was wrong.  Anyway, I put her back to bed and she went right back to sleep and didn't wake until this morning.  We will be giving her Motrin tonight before bed!  Poor baby!

Everyone ready to see the Eclipse today?  I think we may go on the roof of our office building!  We'll see!  


  1. A perfect summer weekend - and I love MA's blue suit. She's such a doll and her hair is getting so long! We are going to head to Joel's office to watch the eclipse but I don't have the shades, so we'll see how cool it is without them I suppose!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! That TBBC outfit is so freaking cute. And yes, she is def YOUR child!

  3. Looooooooove that pic of Tom Tom & MA! SO good to see y'all! xo

  4. OMGGGGG! That Korean Beef Bowl looks AMAAAAAZING!!! Thanks for sharing! Adding that to my meals planning this week!