Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday

This pooch is the biggest scarety cat ever!   He's now scared of the rain.  We have a thundershirt that he wears but come on, I can't put that thing on every time it rains.  

Zucchini, mushrooms and heirloom mini tomatoes.  Sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper.  Add riced cauliflower (you can get it in the frozen section and just steam it in the bag), some cheese and garlic powder and dinner is done.  So good and 10g of carbs in the entire meal.  Molly Anne ate it right up!

I do think we are finally over the stage of chaos when we go out for dinner.  She doesn't require a bunch of entertainment anymore which is so nice.  She has honestly always been pretty good but now it's actually peaceful to go out to dinner.  Whoop whoop! 

So basically I'm obsessed with having this seaglass light over our island in the new kitchen.  Two of them would be perfect.  

We had the most fun at a little playdate at our neighborhood pool yesterday.  Molly Anne became obsessed with the blue waterslide and had the time of her life!

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with our girl!  Soaking these summer days up!


  1. Have you thought about Anxiety meds for Mills since it seems to be getting worse? We just put our lab on them and it's making a big big difference. It was a tough decision but it's working out well. There's also a collar called Adaptil that emits pheromones and can help calm as well. there's other brands out there but this is the one that was recommended by several vets

  2. We used to fill a cute lunchbox with treasures that were just for restaurants. It sure helped!! I don't love to cook so we kept going out!!!

  3. Such cute kids. And the thunder-shirt must be so annoying to get on and off. Jax is a scaredy cat too, but thank goodness he is ok with thunder and lighting (knock on wood.)

  4. Thanks for inviting us to your fancy pool!!! My kids both had a BLAST!! :)