Friday, August 18, 2017

Seven on Friday - Recipes, Maryland Girl, Brick & Pool

My friend Sarah told me about these no bake energy bites so I made them last weekend and they're amazing.  Kevin likes them too.  I've never used flax and chia seeds so I left those out.  The best part about these is that they took me 5 minutes to make and we had plenty for the week.  I doubled the recipe.

Here's a random one for you.  We threw brats on the grill for dinner on Monday and I knew I wanted to serve them with some grilled veggies.  I plopped four pieces of foil about 12" long each on the island and put corn that I had cut off the cobb, onions, zuchinni and mushrooms in there.  I put a dab of olive oil, freshly cracked salt and pepper and a bunch of old bay.  I bunched them up at the top and put them on the grill.  So easy and it turned out so good.  Sorry the picture isn't great!  

The PGA tournament was in Charlotte last weekend and I think everyone I know went to it except us.  We could have gone but it just didn't happen.  I asked one of my friends to get Molly Anne a t-shirt.  Isn't it the cutest on her?!

This picture is from Wednesday.  I gave her the option of three shirts and she picked the "crabbys!"  Then she asked for "piggies" so of course I did those for her.  She thought it was really funny when I put a crabby bow in her hair for one of the piggies!  And she sat in front of her crib sheet with crabs on it haha!  ;)  It's the little things friends.

Oh one thing I meant to mention on the Molly Anne-isms post the other day - this girl loves some old bay.  I gave her some shrimp the other night and she wouldn't eat them until I sprinkled old bay on them.  She likes pickles and salt & vinegar chips too.  She is my child.

These two!

Brick started yesterday!  I met with the masons yesterday morning and told them I do not want orange clay on the brick so they are being extra cautious!  They haven't smeared the mortar on the brick yet so this is just the beginning!

We are in major debate mode over if we are going to do a pool or not.  Both of us can honestly go either way.  There are pros and cons.  We have a great pool in the hood that we can even walk to.  It'd be nice to have one in our backyard though.  Children with a pool scares the daylights out of me but we would have a second safety fence around just the pool.  I don't know.  We may end up doing it in a few years so even if we said no now, it wouldn't be out of the question down the road.  Help us with this!  Tell me why you would or wouldn't want a pool!  We have to decide this weekend!  


  1. Flax and Chia are super nutrient dense but fairly tasteless so you may consider trying them (they do add some texture though, kind of like seeds). I know I'm in the minority but I used to have to go to the PGA tour every year for work and always hated it (super hot, and I just don't love watching people golf lol). Brad watched it on tv for a bit and that was enough for me. If my neighborhood didn't have a pool I probably wouldn't do one, but I see pros on cons for both.

  2. We have always had a pool in our backyard. When the kids were little, we had a safety fence around the pool, alarms on the door out to the pool AND swim lessons. Always. You get very spoiled with having your own pool and not dealing with other people at the pool. In FL, most people have pools. I think it is how you think you will use your pool. If you have a community one close and you will use it, it may not be worth the hassle of having one in your backyard. Think about how much you would use it and would you like the ease of walking out your back door to get to it or would the worry of having one be too much with little ones....
    Another Mom I follow on IG has a cover that goes right over their pool. You can walk on it, it is that strong. I had never seen that before either. Pretty cool and less of an eye sore than the fences.

  3. I will definitely have to try those energy bites!!! Ok for the pool, I vote NO because 1. your neighborhood pool is AMAZING and you're right, its so close! 2. I would not want to worry about the maintenance (with my luck, I'd overflow it/get the chemicals wrong/have the cleaning system break...), and I also think it would be hard for resale (I personally would avoid buying a home with a pool, for above reasons, I can't take care of stuff, ha!). Love Molly Anne's PGA shirt...she got more than my kids did and they went, lol!

  4. Agreed, no to pool. Not worth it in the long run & a huge hassle. The fact you could add on later is helpful, but it sounds like your neighborhood one is awesome!

  5. We have a pool but it does require quite a bit of up keep. That being said it's really nice to be able to go for a swim without having to load up the car or the wagon!

  6. I'm love those energy bites. Making some today. I vote no on pool! We had one and to be honest it didn't get used a ton. you have a neighborhood pool that's so awesome I'd just stick to that.. at least for now. See if you miss having one at your house. Plus I'm terrified of a pool with small kids. And my grass cutting husband would said "keep the grass" hahaha.

  7. Okay. I'm gonna admit that I'm glad we have the pool, but we could have definitely not put one in, and been just fine (and saved a TON of money). We use it - but not NEARLY as much as I thought we would. Maybe it's because he's only 2.5 years old...but hopefully as he gets older, we'll use it more and more. Honestly, one reason I wanted it was because I want our house to be the cool house where everyone hangs out as Conner gets older. I know what I was doing as a teenager (ahem), so I want to keep my teenager close so I can keep an eye on him and his friends. ;) BUT! Saying all that, I do love it. So - either way, you can't go wrong.