Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Grady is Five

Today is Grady’s fifth birthday! This day 5 years ago, my Dad and I sat on our back porch and had breakfast together and talked about how our world was about to change! We didn't know if I would be having another baby girl or a baby boy in just a few short hours. Mid morning Kevin and I left for the hospital and he HAD to stop at the gas station to fill up even though we didn't need gas. Made me crazy because I was ready to get the show on the road!! Funny looking back and definitely part of the story that day but I wasn't thrilled at the time. ANYWAY!

I can hardly believe Grady is FIVE. Mainly because I remember thinking when he was born that if I could just get both of my kids to age five, I’d have crossed a tough part of being a mom. Now I obviously don’t think that’s entirely true but the baby part was hard for me. I worried constantly! I still worry but differently. I think we are in the sweet spot now with Grady being 5 and Molly Anne being almost 8. 

Here are some fun things about my favorite little boy:

1. He is wearing size 6clothes, size 13 shoes, he is 52 pounds and I need to measure his height. 

From well visit - 51.2 pounds, 3’9.5” (45.5”)
93rd percentile for weight, 92 percentile for length, 91 percentile for bmi

2. He still goes to bed at 7 every night and mostly gets up at 7 the next morning. At school they still take naps and he probably sleeps 2-3 days of those. I rarely have him nap at home anymore because he can mostly hang and we have fun things to be doing. Of course he’s up later on the weekend nights as well.  

3. He loves Molly Anne with all of his heart. He cares about her more than himself. He would give her his last bite of any of his favorite food any day of the week. He thinks she walks on water! He is SO good to her even when she isn't good to him. He looks up to her, respects her and idolizes her every move. 

4. His favorite activities right now are baseball, scooting, biking, being outside playing in the dirt, fishing, swimming. He honestly likes doing anything. He’s very easy! 

5. Food wise he still is obsessed with avocados, any breakfast food, smoothies, cheeseburgers and chick fil a sandwiches. He will eat everything at school evidently. He becomes picky over peas, grilled chicken and a couple other things at home. He likes sweets but doesn’t love them. Leaving ice cream in a cup is a normal occurrence for him. How did he get so moderate?! In general, Grady hasn’t missed too many meals in his lifetime! ;)

6. He is such an observant young boy! He notices things out his window when we are driving that I don't ever see. He loves construction equipment, fast cars and anything out of the ordinary. We talk about ALL of the things when we are driving places. 

7. The other day I was drying him off from his bath (he can do his own bath but on this day I was helping him) and I said, "Grady I can't believe you're growing right up and you're almost 5." He said, "Mama I will still call you!" I said, "when? When you're in college?" He said, "yes I will call you every day!" Ohhhhh I melted! Yes, I will remind him!

8. He thinks airplanes are the coolest and he loves to travel. He's stoked about an upcoming trip we have this summer. He's a good traveler too...maybe because he's gone to Maryland his whole life and Ocean Isle about a zillion times over the last 2+ years. 

9. He loves babies and younger children. He's very good and patient with them. He always talks to them and tries to entertain. 

10. Mills is his favorite. He talks to him and pets his ears. You can tell he knows that Mills loves him back. 

(Last 4 year old sleep)

11. He does not stop talking. I've sorta always talked to him (HA if you know me in real life) but he talks all of the time. And I love it. He tells me all of the things! 

We love you Grady! You are such a bright light in our little world and we think you are absolutely awesome! Keep on being your sweet self! 

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