Friday, May 19, 2023

Busy Week

Wild week in our world. On Monday summer swim started in our neighborhood. That involves me leaving my office early, grabbing grady from school, him changing at home then flying over to the pool. Julie takes care of Molly Anne but it’s a zoo. I also had a big project to get out on Wednesday so there’s that. 

I got to go on Molly Anne’s 2nd grade field trip to the two by two zoo in Monroe. It was a big farm full of a ton of animals. First time for Molly Anne on a school bus!

These two hanging out together while the littles swam. 

Grady loves Mills on his bed. 

His teeball pictures. Can’t wait to see what the photographer took!

Gorgeous hydrangeas on the side of our home. 

Grady and I got to watch Molly Anne swim at MSA one day this week and she has improved! Well, all school year twice a week will do that!

Little kiddos in the pool!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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