Wednesday, May 24, 2023


I was thinking the other day when I walked out of Grady’s school on my way to work that my capacity has grown over the years. 

It grew when I went from single to married. 

It grew when I left a condo to buy a house with Kevin - we had a big lot and a home to take care of. 

It grew when I had Molly Anne. 

It grew when we built a house. 

It grew when I had Grady. 

It grew at work when I’ve been given more and more responsibility. 

It grew when we gained other properties to care for and deal with. 

And when Kevin needed more help with business stuff. 

And when Mills got sick in January. 

And when swim team time comes around. 

And when my parents need help and I have young kids. 

And when Molly Anne needs me to talk to her on a walk when I have 5,000 other things to do. 

And a lot of other piddly and big events and times. 

As you get older, you gain more capacity. Sometimes it’s when you don’t want to and sometimes it’s when you do. 

When I’m at capacity, I feel like I have zero time to think. Like think about how I can do things better at home, work and in between. I lose that brain power and I need time to do that. Still working on managing that. But we must always rise to the occasion! 

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  1. If only we could clone ourselves, right? As I was racing to work this morning already knowing that I will be racing home for gymnastics pickup tonight I really understand where you are coming from with this!