Wednesday, March 1, 2023


It’s March first!!!!

1. Feeling the urge to take the time to revive our home decor with stuff I have on our third floor. I’m tired of looking at legos on our dining room table. Where do your kids do legos?

2. I need to sell a bunch of jeans and dresses from my closet that I don’t wear. I’ve used Poshmark in the past and had good luck there. May do that again. Did you know you can order boxes from USPS for free? Make sure you get priority mail, no not the flat rate!

3. I got Grady’s tee ball schedule on Monday. WHOA. I said the same thing last year and still signed him up again!! Soooo many practices and games. 

4. Played tennis last night and won in a tie breaker! Almost two hour match! Always good to win. Not that I’m competitive or anything!

Happy Hump Day! I have a meeting in the corner office (that’s what I call it when I meet with the big bossman) so that’ll be good to catch up with him! Chat soon!

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  1. Hi Annie! We have 3 boys and I got SO sick of Legos on dining room table! We created a lego table/area in our basement - I had an old round kitchen table and 4 chairs - that is their lego zone! I also put a little ikea shelving unit down there for their sets to display them. They LOVE it because they can leave out all of their creations and come back to them the next day and cover the table in legos and it's in the basement, so I really don't care :) Win win! Fun when they have friends over too, they can go down and lego!