Friday, March 24, 2023

Five on Friday - Mills, Egg Painting, Girl's Night, Grady

ONE - Mills had chemo #2 on Wednesday and he made out well. He's not too phased by it! I love this picture Kevin took last week as we cruised into Ocean Isle. It's the salty air after not smelling it for 8 weeks!

TWO - Easter egg painting at the club on Wednesday night was so fun. Then we went downstairs for dinner. Easy and always good times seeing friends. 

I'm not sure who loved getting to play with Parker more - Kevin or Grady!

THREE - my friend Whitney put together a girl's night with ladies from our neighborhood. We went to Burtons. It's always so good. Hi Margot whose head you can barely see! 

My calendar now has summer swim chaos in it combined with teeball and that makes my head be wild. Teeball isn’t the same day or time every week and I think that’s why it feels like such a commitment. Summer swim is also a new level of chaos but it’s soooo good for the kids. Grady is going to do it this year too so I’m excited about that.  

Looked in my rear view mirror one day and heard this boy saying I love you mama and he had made a heart with his fingers. Heart melted! He’s been soooo good this week and I’m extra thankful for his listening skills! Also, he can officially buckle and unbuckle his seatbelt as of a few weeks ago!! Whoop! He’s ready for school car line! 

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