Monday, March 6, 2023

Weekend Out and About

Friday after school playing in the driveway. Grady played tennis with Mills while Molly Anne was next door. 

So proud of her first trophy!

Friday lunch we went out to Yama to celebrate Hilary’s birthday! Wearing this oldie but goodie dress. 

Friday night we went to our club to celebrate a couple more birthdays and a bunch of our friends were there. It was fun! I think it was 7 families total. The kids run wild and have a blast. Zero babysitters needed ha!

Saturday teeball! He was so excited and was even able to walk in his cleats this year!

Molly Anne telling him how to pack up his bag! 

Back to playing outside on a beautiful day! 

We had a babysitter for mid afternoon for a surprise get together at Old Mecklenburg Brewery to celebrate Hilary’s birthday again! Wearing this dress and I’m telling y’all - it’s so good! 

Then we headed to Napa on Providence to join a different group of friends for a dinner that one couple had won at a charity event. It was delicious! 

Then we ended up at Foxcroft in Southpark for a night cap. Mark grabbed us at 10 and we headed home! It was a big day! 

Sunday I picked up groceries and got those prepped for the week. Then Molly Anne had lacrosse and that was fun. She’s far left. They learned how to cradle the ball and run at the same time and also worked on ground balls. 

We did a lot of playing outside this past weekend and that’s always good for the soul! I think my kids would live in our driveway or out back if they could!!

Chat soon friends. Gearing up for a busy week!

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