Monday, March 27, 2023

Out, Cute Top, Recipe

I love a good lawn day. Some may think I like how good our grass looks a bit too much but I love a pretty yard!

Friday night I took the kids to the local high school for their play The Addams Family. They LOVED it. The show was 2.5 hours and you know Grady sat right there and watched the entire thing. I was surprised and impressed by his attention span! 

Saturday morning cartoons. Molly Anne didn’t get up until 9:30 so ya know I had already cleaned up breakfast when I had to get it out again! Girlfriend loves to sleep in on the weekends. Helps her 6:15am wake up call during the weeks. 

Grady had his first teeball game on Saturday. Kevin took the kids to that while I was with my friend Hilary for an important event with her family. 

When I got home Kevin and I scooted out to Burtons for dinner then 131 Main for a drink. We had plans with friends but they woke up with a sick kiddo so they canceled. Then our babysitter canceled on us last minute. We ended up with a 14 year old boy babysitter and it was so fun for Grady! He’s a neighborhood friend and the little brother of a long time sitter. He was amazing with the kids and they both loved him! 

The general Taos bowl with salmon at Burtons! So good. 

Love this new top. Kevin even told me he liked it without me asking if he did! ;)

Sunday, Molly Anne went to church with our neighbors after she finally woke up!! I’m actually typing this at 4pm and she’s still not home. I think she’s going to become part of their family! Ha. We hung around and prepped food for the week and for dinner. We are having our neighbors over for our little family dinner that we randomly do some Sundays. Serving my cousin’s Cabernet burgers and my Mom’s pasta salad. I’ll share her recipe soon! Hopefully this week. 

Chat soon friends! 

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  1. Seeing how nice your yard looks this time of year is really inspiring me to consider moving our family down south. Everything up here is still so BLAH!
    That green top with the white jeans is fab!