Friday, March 3, 2023

Five on Friday

Adrian is a strength instructor for peloton and I loved what he said during a legs class yesterday. Don’t give a shittah what anyone else is doing, do you! That was the gist of it anyway.

Similar tank  from Athleta / Sports Bra / Work out leggings (no shoes when I do weights…because I’m weird like that!) 

Oh and to be real honest - I painted my toenails on this night in between sets in a strength workout. Time management people! Moving on…

Skin care. I feel like I look old. Everyone i know does Botox I think. I’m prob the only one that doesn’t, at least it feels that way! This is the stuff i used to use from my old dermatologist and i really like it. Yes, I have to label it so I remember. As you can see, I stopped using it for awhile and I’m starting back up! 

A new dermatologist gave me these two to try. We will see what I end up liking. Anyone use this brand? 

Yesterday afternoon I found Grady’s class in his school’s chapel watching a fabulous presentation by two missionaries. The opportunities he gets from this huge school are endless! 

Grady had Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday afternoon this week! Here he is with Neyland and Cayden, little neighborhood buddies that are going with him. 

Lastly, a quick update on the puppy. Mills had bloodwork done yesterday and all looks wonderful. It means they’re giving him the right dosage of chemo. He stopped limping about a day after his last stereotactic radiation and hasn’t taken any pain meds. I’m very pleased with his progress!

Cheers it’s Friday. Thank goodness! Happy weekend everyone!

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