Friday, March 10, 2023

Five on Friday

ONE - 
My friend Sarah shared this Ramen recipe and I made it on Sunday night. Our neighbors ended up coming over and having some too and it was a big hit! Very easy and I highly recommend! I didn't use the peppers so it wasn't spicy!

TWO - 
I was walking in my neighborhood the other day and it was gorgeous. Look how pretty this grass is! Also, I fell on this same walk and skinned my knee in a major way. Thankfully my lulu leggings survived! HA!

Won a tennis match on Tuesday night at Carmel Country Club. Tennis has been so good for me. It's gives me the competition that I used to have growing up playing sports all of the time, but is still for fun! I really love it. 

Get 'em cowgirl! It's been staff appreciation week at her school this week and the girls that were in charge of it have done such a nice job! The staff has had massages, lunch brought in, donuts and coffee, Thirsty Thursday, and they get to take home a Pasta and Provisions dinner for their family today. Such a treat of a week and they SO deserve it!

Grady made art at school this week that had one of Mills' goodies on it. He loved showing it to him!

With his speech teacher he made a leprachaun hat! It was so adorable and he loved it. Yeah he probably doesn't 100% need to be in speech but I'm a big fan of early intervention! He's talking so well now. 


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