Monday, March 13, 2023

Maggie’s birthday and Sports

Maggie’s 9th birthday party was on Friday night and it was 90’s themed with a hair gal that braided and sprayed color in their hair. So fun!

Greer spent the night while Maggie had some of her friends spend the night. We watched a movie then they stayed up until midnight ish. Crazy girlies. 

Saturday was tennis for both, lacrosse for Molly Anne and teeball for Grady. Allll of the sports. Molly Anne also had swim but we skipped that given only 5 hours of sleep ha!

Saturday night we had butchers market that Kevin had gotten with some neighborhood friends. It was a last minute easy thing. 

Sunday morning and another pancake bar! 

Sunday was raining alllll day so we hung around inside and didn’t do much. Sometimes you need a day like that! A big puzzle all by himself! It was hard for Molly Anne not to help but she contained herself haha!

Happy Monday!

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