Monday, March 20, 2023

St Patty’s in OIB

Molly Anne got out of school at 11 on Thursday and was off Friday so we took advantage and headed to the beach. I know this sounds crazy but being at our house there on a regular business day is super helpful so you can have the exterminator come and meet with contractors about projects and that’s exactly what we did. 

But first, having a drink while I walked Mills. One of my favorite beach activities. 

We met our neighbors from home for dinner at Wing and Fish in Shallotte for dinner. It was fun for something different. Check out this view on our way back over the bridge. 

Friday morning we met with a guy to talk about redoing our back porch and stairs. Hopefully that happens in late April. Also going to install a new garage door and maybe redo the bathrooms. We will see on the last one. That may move to next year when we repaint the inside. These are the exciting parts of owning a beach house - the repairs and maintenance! Each year we are trying to do a big project there to keep it up! 

So yep, we went to the lumber yard to pick out composite wood then to Lowe’s to look at tile. 

I took the kids on a field trip midday to a marsh that you can walk out on to the intracoastal waterway. It was gorgeous and quiet out there. 

Oh yes Friday was St. Pattys day and the eight of us had big plans to go out but after some other stuff, we decided to hang at our house. Nachos it was! Easy. 

At least one chugged a Gatorade! 

Kevin and Drew ran up to the Perch for a drink then Hilary and I went and roamed around when they got back! That’s good parenting haha!!

This boy fell asleep on the couch. Probably the first time he’s ever done that!

Greer stayed the night with us and we all went to Causeway the next morning then to the arcade. These two are nuts together!!

Molly Anne went to their house and Drew took the girls to the arcade and to get their nails done. These kids are spoiled! Kevin and I got to have only grady for the day and it was so nice (and easy ha!). Anytime you’re down a kid no matter how many kids you have, it’s always easier I think! I never want to forget how much Grady loves grocery shopping and getting one of these carts! It’s super cute. 

Monster truck!

We headed to Sharkys for lunch. Showing off their nails!

Saturday night we went to their house for dinner - smash burgers on the blackstone! So good! Grady pondering life..!

We got up and headed back early to Charlotte because Grady had a friends birthday party! 

Hayden is one of his best buddies at school! They hosted at their CrossFit gym and it was so great for the kiddos! 

Back to it! Happy Monday!

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