Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Parties for Kiddos

Both kids have been invited to what feels like a zillion birthday parties for friends! 

It made me a little wonky trying to figure out how I received the invitation (evite/text/paperless post etc) if I had RSVPd, and if I had bought the gift. Finally I wrote them all down and felt much better!   

If Grady is going to three 5 year old girl parties, I make my life easier and get the same ole trusty gift for all three. This is an example - purse from Claire’s and two new reader books.

For a boy - geodes that they can break and a book. 

Molly Anne is giving a girlfriend some pure vida bracelets. Craft supplies are always a good idea…like fancy paper and cool outline markers. Can’t go wrong with legos ever. 

Anyway just thought I’d throw some new ideas out. It’s nothing wild but just what’s on my mind!

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  1. Love this! Years ago, I read a great tip on a blog that mentioned picking a go to "birthday gift" for classmates/friend parties each year. The Mom would stock up on said gift(s) and then there was no mad dash to Target at the 11th hour. It has saved me many times!