Monday, February 27, 2023

Fun Weekend

Friday afternoon when you can no longer hang! Kevin took him to get his hair cut and he fell asleep on the way home. He stayed in the car for awhile until I finally woke him. We were out in the driveway playing and he didn’t wake up ha!

That night we headed to our friends club then to The People’s Market. One of my buddies from work and his wife revived the people’s market and turned it into quite the vibe in the Elizabeth area of town. We had fun with some live music, drinks and friends. 

Kevin and Morgan

With Margs!

Meghan and I are co room moms from Grady’s class. She knows the same crew. It’s a small Charlotte world always! 

Saturday was Molly Anne’s last basketball game and she got her first trophy! She’s been looking forward to getting one for many years in whatever sport it came first. 

She had such a great basketball season! She practiced every Monday night after school and swim. She really enjoyed basketball and I’m so glad! A special thank you to my friend Kate’s husband Nathan who coached! Molly Anne was in the 3’s with their daughter and we’ve stayed in touch!

The rest of Saturday we chilled. I heard Grady bring Molly Anne a book and asked her to read it to him. It was adorable! 

Saturday night I went to my friend Courtney’s birthday party at her house. It was all girlfriends and her husband cooked dinner for us! It was nice catching up with old friends that I went to college with!

Sunday I picked up groceries from Walmart and got those fruits and veggies cut and cleaned up. Then these gals had lacrosse!

Then I got to go play tennis! Had to practice for the spring USTA league I’m in on Tuesday nights. 

Menu this week:
Baked potato bar
Pork tenderloin in the crockpot with sweet baby rays sauce 
Chicken something but not sure what yet 

Chat soon friends. 

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