Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Turks and Caicos - Days 4 and 5

Saturday was by far our most full and busy day! But none of it was planned ahead of time, it just sort of happened like that!

Grady was up very early, likely due to steroid dose two for his croup. He was definitely tired. We scooted over to the French Cafe to have a chocolate chip muffin and coffee. It was fun just the two of us to do that! Molly Anne like to sleep in if she's up late the night before. Ha!

We met up with the crew on the beach then walked about 20 minutes to a reef off the resort to snorkel. It was a beautiful walk! Hilary and I. Couldn't live with out my soul sista!

With our girlies!

Molly Anne and I snorkling!

Didn't take long for her to ditch the snorkel and swim like an animal in that ocean checking out all of the fish. I will tell you - two or three days a week of 25 laps each time during her swim team practice pays off! She is such a strong swimmer! She left me in the dust out there!

Grady snorkeled with his goggles too! You could see the fish right through the water!

On the walk back I spotted this tree and loved it for some reason.

Kellie is the voice of reason at all times! She is calming and cool and collected...always!

There's our crew! I mean how gorgeous right!!

We were going to put the kids in Kids Camp so we could have an adult lunch but we didn't do much research ahead of time and that was something you sort of had to preplan. They needed passports etc. It was too complicated and the kids honestly were fine since they were all together. All 11 of us ate dinner together each night and then 5 kids would eat then go play just out of the restaurant. It felt very safe to do that!

Anyway, back to lunch at the Jerk Shack. Very authentic feeling and fabulous view. Molly Anne and Tyler played in the ocean while we ate. 

This is what Grady did - filled water bottles with sand. Ha!

Turks beers!

Then they ordered lemonades because why not?! Note to self - take Molly Anne sun shirts when you go to the Caribbean in the off season. Her skin suffered even though I was constantly applying suncreen! She wore one of Grady's. 

Next adventure was all 11 of us going parasailing. Drew and Maggie went first, then Michael and Tyler and then Kevin and Molly Anne went again! So fun!

Back to the beach to hang and our only group picture!

Then the four of us went sailing on this hobie cat...with a captain from the resort! It was SO fun! Molly Anne will get to learn how to sail this summer at camp and she's so excited!

Back to the pool we went with everyone and Molly Anne snuck over and got her hair braided! She had gone back and forth if she wanted to but decided to get two braids on our last full day! I'm so glad she did because she has loved having them in. I think we are going to take them out this morning so she can have curly hair all day at school before swim practice this afternoon!

Cleaned up for dinner at the hibachi place!

Chocolate Monkeys for the kiddos!

Pina Colada for the mamas! The key is to get rum on the bottom and top. This one didn't have that but it was still good! I drank a bunch of these and pain killers! And my fav...Tanqueray and tonics!

Tyler was soooo sweet to Grady the entire time! They're studs aren't they?!

Molly Anne was off playing with the girls somewhere but isn't this sunset a beauty?!

Chris was hilarious cooking for us! She made it be a blast!

This boy fell asleep at dinner! First time ever!

Sake bombs - sake + beer!

We stopped by the xbox lounge on the way back and Molly Anne got to play this for about 5 minutes. She had wanted to see what it was all about so we did. 

Late night ice cream for the last night!

They played in the kids game room while I waited on a cheeseburger...HA! I needed it evidently!

Goofy and happy kiddos! So glad they had this experience!

Our last morning - and first buffet - breakfast at Maria's! It was a legit buffet for sure! So many options!

Walking to the departure lounge. It was a fun trip but it was time to head home! I like being home and I like traveling!

One last Chocolate Monkey!

It was not a rough life for these kiddos!

The Turks airport is kind of a mess. There is a restaurant upstairs to get lunch from but this room quickly filled up then when you go downstairs to board, it's wayyyyy too many people, hot and crazy. Be prepared! Also, the TSA folks decided to randomly search two of my bags for no reason but just a random search. Well, they demolished all of the organization in my "catch all bag" and it honestly made me crazy. I have global entry and precheck and I have never been searched so much in my life. And I had both kids with me and it was just CRAZY and overkill. My bags had been through the xray machine etc but whatever. I dealt with it and moved on but honestly it was ridiculous. 

Walking over to the plane.

Back to Charlotte in time for the Superbowl. Kevin unloaded the car, I gave the kids a good bath and we unpacked and got all of the laundry done. Because I couldn't go to work the next morning with laundry still to do! I'm crazy like that. We also picked up Mills Monday morning and have had some big discussions about him this week. Lots going on but thankful for it all. 

Anyway, Beaches is a kids paradise and us adults had fun too. I'm glad we went with other families because I think it made it even more exciting. Also, I think we are good on the Turks Beaches for awhile and will definitely be trying other places!

Talk soon friends!

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