Monday, February 6, 2023

Five Fun Weekend Things

We had five “events” on the calendar for this weekend and they were all great!

Friday night was dinner with Kevin’s parents at Wagon Wheel for Kevin’s upcoming birthday!

Saturday morning was Molly Anne’s basketball game then she had a birthday party at Sky Zone. I took Grady and let him jump too. It was a long few hours but the kids had a blast!

Zip lining was his favorite and Molly Anne liked the silks. 

Mills and Kev hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. You wouldn’t know this boy had surgery on Wednesday. 

Saturday night we went out with some friends from our old neighborhood who we love hanging out with. We had drinks at CO then dinner at Porters House. It was so good, per usual. 

Sunday morning we got to attend Parker’s first birthday party! It was so sweet and she’s adorable! Can’t believe she’s already one!

Wrapped up the weekend hanging outside and getting our act together for the week. I’m semi overwhelmed thinking about all of the things but day by day and hour by hour. Have a good week y’all! 

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