Monday, February 20, 2023

Daddy Daughter Dance

On Friday, Molly Anne had early release so I grabbed her at 11. I worked and she hung out then later in the afternoon we headed to pick up her corsage at Teeter then scooted across the street to get her hair cut! Check out this La Marca display!!!! Love it. Would take them all!

Ragen is so sweet with both of my kiddos. Molly Anne LOVED getting curls for her big dance that night!

Seeing daddy for the first time! She lovessss to get made up! Hair, make up, purse, twirly dress, the whole nine yards!

They headed to the club for dinner with four other dads and 7 other girls. Then off to the dance at school! They had a blast! 

With the principal! 

Meanwhile we headed to a neighbor’s house to let the boys play…

And love on baby Parker!

Saturday we had basketball, silhouettes with Clay Rice (more to come) and a birthday party for Mary Scott!  

That evening we ended up just having a fire and ordering Mexican via door dash with our neighbors. Easy peasy and called it a very early night!

These beads make me a terrible mom! I hate them!!

On Sunday Molly Anne had her first lacrosse practice, we picked up groceries and got ready for the week! Happy Monday!

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  1. I despise glitter!! I try not to purchase anything that has glitter on it. So sorry about Mill's health issues. Animals are so much a part of our families. Prayers he responds to treatments.