Friday, February 24, 2023

Five on Friday - Mills, Door, Journal

What a week, I'm so glad it's Friday. 

1. Mills has had quite the week. He had stereotactic radiation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday he also had chemo and a bone strengthening infusion. He's a tired boy but I hope it helps his bone cancer and gives him a lot more time with us. We love him SO much. He's definitely our best friend!

2. Decorated Molly Anne's teacher's door for St. Patty's day. Wish the rainbow went to the center of the pot of gold but who's counting! I won't be a professional any time soon but this has challenged me and it's been pretty fun to do too!

3. Nannie and Poppa sent their boy a big box of goodies for his rough week! With his picture on them of course....!

4. Love seeing my little buddy's pictures from school. They play with and do so many cool things! 

5. We've had a lack of listening lately with my 7 year old Molly Annie! We had a big discussion last night and I expect changes as a result. It's one thing to not listen to me (which she should do), it's another thing to not listen at school with other adults. Anyway, I got her this journal a few months ago (I think @april.robson recommended!) so I whipped this out so maybe she feels like she's getting some direct one on one attention? We started it on Wednesday night and so far it's been very fun! 

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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  1. Mills!! So happy to hear that his first week of treatments are under his belt!!

    The door looks fantastic!!!