Monday, February 13, 2023

Turks and Caicos - Days 1 and 2

We got back last night from Turks and Caicos! We left last Wednesday and spent four night at Beaches with two other families. Even against my religion, we took Molly Anne out of school for three days. 

We saw some friends from our neighborhood in Turks at the airport…we had been on the same plane. She took this picture and sent it to her daughter who babysits for us! So cute. 

The kids were sooooo excited! We told them about this trip in December. Since Beaches is all inclusive, it was wild time…for the kids and for us! Maybe I should do a blog post all about the hotel! I think half of Charlotte goes there but it’s truly a kids paradise!

First things first - lunch and a drink!

We had dinner at Arizonas the first night which is a Tex mex place in the Caribbean Village of Beaches. Beaches has 5 different villages. We stayed in the Italian Village. Kids got drinks on our way to every dinner. Living the life! 

They don’t even know how lucky they are to get to have this experience!! 

All three of our rooms were the same. They had a kids room and the main room. And they were walk out, Ocean front. We loved having the ease of the walk out and it was pretty amazing facing that beautiful water every second of the day. 

Thursday morning I was up at the crack of dawn so I went to walk the property and get the lay of the land. Also saved some seats at the waterpark that was just behind where we were staying! 

The waterpark was awesome. Tons of slides, swim up milkshake bar, cheeseburgers for lunch, lazy river, surfing. 

Everyone loved the surf simulator! And the guy working it was so good with the children. 

You know I had to do it. Grady did awesome even at 4 years old!

We got cleaned up for dinner at Schooners on Thursday night. If you have a party that is 10 or larger, you can make reservations. It was convenient that we had 11.

Wore this dress

Grady’s adorable new shirt

We went to the show at the pool after dinner. It was truly spectacular and such talent! 

That’s the end of days one and two. Next up, Friday. 

Also not pictured, Grady had a big croup episode in the middle of the night after this evening. It scared the daylights out of me. I had the steroid to give him, the issue was that usually I crush pills and put them in chocolate syrup. Of course I didn’t have all of that. Kevin had the idea to give it to him in a chocolate chip muffin that we happened to have and that eventually worked. It was scary when I was trying to figure out to do. When I felt like he couldn’t breathe and zero healthcare help. Also, cold air usually helps him but no cold air there. It was just all a lot but we regrouped. I gave him the medicine again the second night (didn’t want to redose him but didn’t have a choice in a foreign country with no help) and he learned how to take pills. So that was a positive. I didn’t learn until I was almost 16 and I required lump crab meat to take pills in!!! 

Anyway, wanted to share this part because it’s not all roses when you look at these pics! Trust me, it wasn’t! But we did have fun. In general our kids are much easier to travel with now. 

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