Thursday, February 16, 2023

Good Finds

Bopped around this week on a bunch of different websites and found some good ones!

1. I wore this suit in green in Turks and it's super flattering…and 40% off. I had my alterations lady sew the cups in which makes life a whole lot easier!

2. My fav tennis skirt came out in new colors. I always do the 15" (I’m 5’7”). The Amazon skirts honestly just aren't as good as this. Sorry... but they ride up on your leg!

3. Love the color of this sweatshirt $25.

4. Spring is on my mind with this top!

5. Another easy top for work or just with white jeans. 

6. Got my sister in law one of these hats and now I think I need one! They're SO pretty. 

Happy almost Friday!

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