Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Turks and Caicos - Day 3

Friday happened to be Kevin’s birthday so we had an early celebration that morning! We gave him a new bathing suit and a Smathers and Brandon life belt. The belt is something I’ve always wanted to do for him. When it comes in (takes a few months), I’ll share!

Matchy matchy in their TBBC suits I got during the sale in the Fall. 

Friday became our pool day. Kevin went to the spa for a massage which he said was the best one he’s ever had…it was by Maria in case anyone is headed that way soon. 

When your daughter brings you a pain killer! Smart girl. 

Then Kevin decided to take Molly Anne parasailing! It was sort of random and awesome. They both had the best time. Molly Anne said she wants to do it every day. Kevin said it’s probably a top three memory for him that he got to go with her. 

Cool girl in a cool world!

That night we went to the Sushi place called Soy for dinner. It was definitely the best dinner we had there. Wearing my new favorite dress. It’s so cute and comfortable. Glad I sprang for it and ordered! Kids had their daiquiris for their walk to dinner. 

They do have kids food here too if your kids don’t love sushi. Beaches is overly accommodating for the children. Very much geared in that direction. I sort of wouldn’t go there without children. 

Tough dudes. 

When it’s all inclusive and you can order alllllll of the things. All of this got eaten and we ordered more. Ha! Neil was also our favorite server of the whole trip. He was awesome. 

Then we went to the Street Party that was going on. Tons of dancing, music, more food, local people selling their creations. Super fun. 

The girls 

Last post will be our last full day and travel home!

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