Monday, November 7, 2022

Weekend - Tennis, Optimist Hall and Southend

Well we had a weekend with very few plans and I must say, it was glorious!

A cutie off to school on Friday!

Friday evening the kids and I played outside, rode around the hood and watched a Christmas movie! 

Found some friends to play with!

Saturday morning Molly Anne had swim and Grady had tennis. 

Then the four of us went up to Optimist Hall for our first time. It’s an old building in a transitional area outside of Uptown Charlotte that has been redeveloped into a restaurant and shopping area. Lots of different restaurants are in there and big common areas to sit and eat. It is a great concept. 

Then we drove around uptown where we used to live and showed the kids our old stomping grounds. It’s changed so much!  Then we headed to the southend area for Jeni’s ice cream and met up with Margaret and Koda. Koda looks a lot like Mills doesn’t he? They’re from the same breeder just a couple of years apart! 

On Sunday we literally just hung around the house. It was very nice to be able to get some things done. Everyone vegged out and we did appetizers for an early dinner while we watched football. Grady had to have a pic of he and I with our hard hats on! He said he was going to build houses like I do!! I don’t build houses but it was super cute of him! 

Hope you all have a great week!

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