Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Grady Sayings

Do you all write down funny things that your kids say? If you don't, you should. I just got the biggest laugh out of reading these in the Notes section of my phone and had to share here. They literally bring me back to exactly when these happened and it is just so cute and funny. I wrote some down that Molly Anne said here when she was 3.5 years old.

When mom and dad left from spending Christmas with us -
Molly Anne - “my eyes are getting a little bit watery”
Grady - “Nannie Poppa all gone”

Big boys close them eyes
I’s playing in da playroom and I knocked your castle ova wit my truck because I’m sorry to do dat. I sorry Molly Anne. 

The moon goes around… like tractor’s wheels!!!

10/11/21 - out of nowhere when I was driving him to school and we were by ourselves “I’m marryin’ you mama!”

10/16/21 - he ate popcorn off the stadium floor at Molly Anne’s football cheer game. I told him he couldn’t do that and he said “sorry to do dat!”

11/22/21 - the tractor is going to pick me up and take me to heaven 

11/24/21 - on the way home from dinner at Maria’s in OIB - “stop talkin, stop talking - when I was born, I saw a frog lookin at me!” Daddy asked him what the frog said and grady said ribbit ribbit!

02/16/22 - while sick with stomach bug “you’re da best girl mama”. “My heart is sad” “I love you so much mommmmeeeeee”

03/08/22 - “mama you know what? I love you!” “I’m gonna hug you!”

03/13/22 - after bath and body works when we got MA soap, he wanted to carry the bag back to the car even though it was heavy. I said how do you know you’re supposed to carry the bags for the ladies?! He said, “I just know dat.”

03/17/22 - “Happy Tractors Day!” - that’s what he told kevin when he couldn’t figure out St Patricks Day!

03/17/22 - my MOH Kelly came to spend the night last night from Raleigh and grady was convinced she was babysitting them. Grady woke up this morning and said “I loved-ed dat girl dat babysat us last night!”

3/26/22 - molly Anne and grady playing in the playroom while we were still waking up. I heard him say out of nowhere - “molly Anne I love you!” Then she said “I love you more!”

04/16/22 - at the beach and Grady’s in his “you know what phase” - he said to Molly Anne - “you know what Molly Anne? I sat next to you because I love you!” 

04/16/22 - Molly Anne was at the mirror in their bathroom getting ready for the OIB Easter party and grady said, “you are so pretty Molly Anne!”

04/21/22 - grady and poppa got their hair cut together then grady says to Poppa - “I love your haircut but you almost don’t have anymore hair.”

08/29/22 - I’m gonna drive my kids to school then go to work when I grow up. I’m gonna try to be a good dad!

10/26/22 - on our way to school just grady and I, he asked why it was raining. I said I don’t know maybe god made it rain. He said I’m gonna ask him. “Uh God, ‘what the’ with this rain?” I said grady don’t say “what the” especially to god. He said ok let me apologize. He said, “dear god, I’m sorry I said ‘what the’ to you. Amen.” I laughed so hard. He’s a funny buddy!

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