Monday, November 14, 2022

November at the Beach

Blogspot wasn’t working on Sunday night so I couldn’t get this posted until Monday night!!

We had a wonderful weekend at the beach. It was quiet and good. 

Friday morning we headed down because Molly Anne was off school. First order of business was getting a new hot water heater installed. Yep that was a pretty penny. Oh the joys! 

Then we headed to the arcade and pier! First time I’ve been on the pier and it was so fun! Molly Anne got very lucky at the arcade. After our many many many trips there, the guy that services all of the machines happened to be there at the same time as us Friday afternoon. She kept trying to get the vtech watch and I said oh Molly Anne go play something else, those things are so hard to get! He overheard our convo and came over and opened the machine, took it out and handed it to her. It was soooooo sweet and kind of him! She was like OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! 

Friday night we had dinner at Maria’s. So what does one do after that? Go buy a Thanksgiving turkey! And they also had our fav Christmas beer so we got some of that too! Ha. 

Saturday the kids and I took Mills to the beach! 

And filled our crab trap with bait (caught one crab)! 

They fished with Kevin. He took them to breakfast while I majorly cleaned our house. Top to bottom mopped floors and the whole shebang! It needed it! 

Saturday afternoon we headed to a neighbors house for a get together which was so nice! That night we went to Sharkys for dinner. 

This guy had his back to our table and I told Kevin he looked like Morgan Wallen from behind. I was like watch this and I told Molly Anne he looked just like him too. She was like is that him? I said I think so but don’t know. She went over there to get his pic with him and he was soooo good to her and then introduced himself as Braxton not Morgan! The other girls at their table were cracking up and so were we. Molly Anne loved it even though we kinda picked on her! She is always a good sport! It was pretty funny! 

We scooted over to OIFC to hang for a bit! 

Sunday morning we scooted and ran to 59 Causeway!

Best seat in the house!

I love how his feet are twisted around the bar stools!

We stopped by the playground on the way back then eventually hit the road home to Charlotte! It was a good weekend!

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