Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Grady is 4.5!

Some fun things about Grady on his 4.5 year birthday!

1. He’s 48 pounds, 45” tall, wears size 5 and 6 in clothes and size 12 shoes. He sleeps 7-7 like clockwork. They still take naps in the 4’s class but he sleeps probably only half of the days now. Just stays quiet the other half. 

2. He can eat! Breakfast is his biggest meal of the day and he eats a ton! Some of his favorite foods include avocado toast, eggs, pizza, noodles with butter and parm cheese, cheeseburgers, Caesar salad among many other things. He’s never missed a meal!

3. He’s always up to go do an errand with me. He never misses a ride. Last week he wanted to go to the vet with Mills. Of course I took him and he learned so much there! 

4. He loves tennis, soccer, swimming, being at the beach, being on a boat and anything else. He loves it all. He’s super laid back and easy in that way. 

5. He’s really grown up lately and has become a good listener, most of the time. And also, it’s a competition in our house. Life is a competition in our house! He definitely wants to please you and is very accommodating. 

6. He’s very much into being a gentleman these days and insists on holding the door for me. It is super sweet. And I hope he stays sweet forever. 

7. He spots things from a mile away. He sees a fire truck or a golden retriever wayyyy before anyone else does. 

8. He and Molly Anne are super tight and best friends. I love their relationship. When Molly Anne was at a birthday party recently, he genuinely missed her. It was cute. They’re two peas in a pod for sure. He idolizes her. 

9. Being outside is his favorite thing. He can scoot super fast and loves riding his bike. I think in the Spring we will try to take his training wheels off. Riding his tractor is also top on his list. And he likes a golf cart ride too. 

Our Grady that we love so much! xo

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