Saturday, November 19, 2022

Member Guest Tennis Tournament

Our club’s member guest tennis tournament happened to be on my 40th birthday on Thursday and it was so fun!! My friend Heather played with me! Got these sweatshirts on Etsy. Our team name was Overserved. 

9am start with Bar and Brunch!

Then we played some tennis for a couple of hours. 

Luncheon with awards was 12-3. 

Our tennis pros were kind to give me an award for best attitude and most hustle! I’d take that over a tennis win any day. It’s all for fun anyway!! Kate posed in the pic with me because I wasn’t going to be by myself!

We went home for a few hours and got cleaned up for the party that night. Husbands were invited. It was basically chaos after a long day! First was “shots and such!” You had to take a shot out of a little cowboy boot before you could enter. 

They had the Ryan Perry band play for a couple of hours (they were amazing and solid country music) and then had a DJ for the last couple of hours. 

It was a super fun night and I was basically dead the next morning. But hey, we are here for a good time! 

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