Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Thought it’d be a nice thing to “record” what my kiddos are up to these days in regard to after school activities! 

In general I like my kids to only do two “activities” at a time and I sorta of feel like swim is a life lesson. But, it counts as an activity at this point. I like all of their activities to be on the weekdays so we aren’t fully committed on the weekends and can go do other things. Sometimes they have Saturday morning stuff but it’s nothing concrete that they have to do. 

Last year, Grady did soccer in the Fall, Tee Ball in the Spring, soccer in the Summer. This year he’s still taking swim lessons year round but he’s doing tennis now and probably tee ball or soccer in the spring. Not sure what he will decide on. Maybe he will even stick with tennis. Who knows. I’m proud of him. His swimming is getting really good!

And he’s really enjoying tennis!

Molly Anne did jazz last year and the year before with swim sprinkled in there. This year she decided to not dance anymore (hallelujah).  She decided to go full force on the swimming and do it 3 days a week (very casual and go when you can type commitment). She also wanted to try a few new sports. Field Hockey in the Fall, Basketball in the Winter and Lacrosse in the Spring. She LOVED field hockey and I can’t wait to see what she thinks of basketball. She already loves lacrosse from camp. 

I’m proud of her swimming and trying new things. She is in amazing shape and I keep telling her that the swimming will make her a fabulous field hockey or lacrosse player or whatever she ends up doing!

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  1. We love tennis and swimming too! So fun and awesome "life long" skills and sports!