Monday, November 21, 2022

40th Birthday Surprise Party

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful Saturday night was! Kevin and my friends surprised me with a 40th birthday party! It was amazing. Like our wedding but more intimate. Looking around that room and all of my favorite people were there (minus some who couldn’t come), was a wonderful feeling! My MOH from Raleigh came with her husband. And my brother and SIL came as well. I was so touched! 

Hilary and Kevin outdid themselves in a HUGE way!

Babe and Butcher catered. Your Charlotte Bartender bartended with fabulous cocktails, wine and beer. Gail (our cake lady) made the cake. Mark took us. It was at our neighborhood clubhouse. Bojangles made the late night biscuits of course! The guy playing guitar was great! No detail missed! It was just all absolutely fabulous!

A very special thank you to Hilary for alllll of the details and making it happen and Kevin for alllll of the behind the scenes and alllll of the things!! And to all of my friends for getting babysitters and coming to celebrate! Ahhhh thank you all SO much!!


  1. Happy Birthday to a internet "friend" that I know would be an IRL friend if ever our paths shall cross!! Cheers to the year ahead!!

  2. Happy birthday! SO fun, love this!