Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Thanksgiving Menu

I’m honestly writing this post so I can remember what I made this year and it’ll make next year much easier in case we host again!

Turkey - smoked on our Traeger grill with this recipe. Do not follow the 2 pounds per person suggestion - way too much with all of this other stuff! 
Ham - picked up a honey baked ham in Charlotte. A 5 pounder would have been sufficient!
Dressing - Emily’s mom made the classic Pepperidge recipe
Gravy - I cheated and got this from Lowes grocery store but only one or two people had any 
Collards - Emily made these 
Cranberry Mold - my Mom’s top secret recipe that took me forever to make. She did help a bit too! ;)
Oyster Casserole - old family recipe! 
Sister Schubert Rolls - of course 

Appetizers were Emily’s deviled eggs, pickles/olives and turkey shaped cheese and crackers. 


Apple Pie - cheated and got from grocery. I don’t know how to bake!
Sweet Potato Pie - cheated, see above. 
Pumpkin Pie - no one ate! Cheated, see above. 
Vanilla ice cream 

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