Wednesday, November 2, 2022


We had a pretty low key Halloween but had fun with neighborhood friends! We have Evie from Descendants 3, an astronaut and a lion (per usual on the lion)! They were super excited to go trick or treat! Kevin handed out candy from our house and we almost ran out!

She always goes ALL OUT on the decor. Doesn't it look awesome?!

We came in just before 8pm so had about 2 hours of trick or treating! Loads of candy later! I usually let them eat as much as they want that night, within reason, then it goes away. They are always good with that. 

The kid's jack-o-lantern! I forgot to light it before we went trick or treating. Can't win them all!

The spider is always a fun add! 

The little Mills with Grady's baby duck!

Until next year...!!  I'm not a huge Halloween fan. Grady and I listened to Christmas music on Monday and yesterday! Fa la la la!

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