Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jeans, Sandals and a Hat

For this post I kept things real simple. I got online and ordered jeans and sandals and it was so fun. I just felt the need to expand my horizons on both. Anyone else?

My coworker raves about Mother jeans so I had to try them and here they are. I did really like them but I probably need a darker color for my big legs. Shown with these sandals which I'm not keeping. They were too hard to keep on my foot!

I may order these Mother jeans instead!

I still stand by my ole trusty Wit and Wisdom. Here they are in the newest version. Wearing these sandals. Honestly they're more comfortable and stay on my foot better than the flats!

A very different style
for me but I actually liked them a lot. All of these I wore my true size - 12/31. These are straight leg and as much as I'm an ankle jean girl for life, these were good.

I also bought these new Miller flats in the gold color that just came out. I've needed a fresh pair for about a year now. As you all know, I wear these daily. Still the most comfortable sandal I own. I like to call them "airport shoes" meaning I can walk miles in them!

I also want to try these Good American jeans but the pair I got and tried on ran really small. I'll size up in these. 

And this really doesn't fit my post but I LOVE this hat and may need it. I just wish it'd stay on my head at the beach. Maybe a relaxing pool vacation is on my horizon?! It's not but maybe needs to be haha. 


  1. Either of the dark blue high-waist ankle fray jeans or the high-waisted good legs skinny jeans would look fabulous accessorised with the wide-brimmed straw hat and styled with the long sleeved top you were wearing in the photos above. Fab fashion!

  2. MOTHER jeans are my absolute favorite!!! They are a bit $$$ but I love the quality of the denim and they fit me well and make me feel good!

    A fashion-related question for you, friend! Have you tried the Veja sneakers? I am seeing them everywhere and think I might need to give them a go!