Monday, March 7, 2022

Busy Weekend

Last week was wild and this weekend ended up crazy too!  First up, lunch with my cousin! She and I both married into the fam and we love grabbing lunch together! She’s always so good about planning it and asking me. We went to Napa at Kingsley and it was delish! I had some work to do in the area so I got that knocked out first. It was a treat to have a fun lunch with her on a Friday!

This was so cute to me for some reason. He had found a little spot to make his own and unwind after his bath Friday. 

Saturday morning I worked out with Hilary at our friend Kelly’s workout where she killed us. Ha! Sign of a good workout. It’s the kind where you go thinking you’re in good shape and oh I lift weights three times a week and yep I’ll be fine. And then I’m sore the next day. That kind of workout. Always feels good though. 

Grady had a birthday party midday at Perfect Balance gymnastics place. He loved it! He picked out a Barbie toy for his two girlfriends from school that have birthdays this week. 

We had some afternoon lacrosse happening in the driveway when all four of us were playing. I loved it!

Then it was time for the Daddy Daughter Dance! Will post about that tomorrow!

Snacks for Hilary and I but the real stars of our snacks were the Just Bare chicken nuggets and olive bites from Trader Joe’s that she air fried and brought over. Amazing! Do I need an air fryer? Everyone I know that has one loves it!

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Le Peep then I hit the road north to near Winston Salem for a close coworkers Mom’s funeral. It was sad but glad I got to go. Margaret and I rode up together. 

My lunch on the go. Still loving the Extreme Wellness wraps with lunchmeat and a red onion! Veggies and hummus and fruit on the side. 

Got back home in time to hang with the children for a bit before bed! Have a busy week ahead with too much travel and also people coming into town to see us for work stuff. Work is 24/7 right now. Ebbs and flows but it’s rolling these days. Yikes. Along for the ride. Chat soon!!

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