Monday, March 14, 2022


We had a little afternoon outside on the driveway when we got home from work and school on Friday! Then Allie came over to watch the kids while we went out with another couple!

Oh and this picture snuck in there. Molly Anne is back at Charlotte Aquatics for a bit to warm up before swim team commences in May!

Back to Friday night. We ended the night at our club and it’s always an extra fun time on Fridays. I had a friend and another friend give me such compliments on this picture of me on Instagram. They have no idea how much it meant to me. I’m never much wrapped up in my age because I still feel 25 and live each day like it’s a fun one. Because it is! But last week I was in Ohio with Margaret for work and when we were checking out of the Hertz deck, the guy asked me if I was bringing my daughter back to college. Okay y’all…Margaret is 23. I def look older than her due to wrinkles and age but come on! So anyway their comments meant a lot to me!! Oh and wearing this Easton Blouse but they only have it in pink right now. 

Maggie’s 8th birthday was yesterday and Molly Anne loved going to her party at Impact One on Saturday!

And they got a puppy named Charley! She’s a mini goldendoodle! She’s sooooooo cute!!!

Mills got to meet her and gave her a smooch! He’s about 80 pounds heavier than she is right now but he was very good with her as I expected. Best neighbor pups for life!

Sunday I picked up groceries, got them cleaned and organized for the week, did a boat load of laundry and just got my act together to survive another work week. Grady had teeball and all four of us went! 

He has a lot to work on at age 3 but it’s good he’s trying! Honestly it’s just about listening and getting an idea about the game for now. 

Talk soon!

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