Thursday, March 10, 2022

Fun Finds

These good finds caught my eye this week:

1. Isn’t this top stunning? More than I typically spend on a shirt but I love it. 

2. Very into these flats. These are popular because you can’t find them in all sizes everywhere!

3. Still my favorite white jeans and on sale right now! I recently ordered a pair of my trusty Wit and Wisdom jeans but in white…they’re see-through ahhh! So I had to return them. These past all of the tests. 

4. Love these shoes for any Spring or Summer ensemble. 

5. I’ve been looking for dresses that are classic and appropriate to wear to my office on warm weather days. It’s so hard to find work clothes these days, am I right?! I’m very particular about what I wear in a professional place and the guys in our office dress so nicely (commerical developer style)! Anyway, this dress is a good find!

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