Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Get Together and Flowers

Last night we had some of Kevin’s side of the family over. They were in town from Texas and Columbia, SC. It was wonderful to see them, his parents and the Charlotte crew! 

We did an easy “Taco Tuesday” and had a big line of food set out - chips, hard and soft shells, taco meat, melted cheese, lettuce, shredded cheddar, onions, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream and Kevin’s specialty pico and guac! I also made Beanier and Creamier which is always a hit. 

The big night inspired Kevin and I to get our house cleaned up and our porch ‘Spring ready!’ We took off all of the sofa and chair covers and washed those, we scrubbed the porch slate down and we planted flowers. As in yes, I was at Lowes on Monday night at 8pm getting flowers. Hey I work best under a bit of pressure. 

I always like to post pictures of my flowers at the beginning of each year to see how much they’ve grown! This pot is from Pike’s nursery in town. I love how it looks with a pink geranium. 

Grady monitoring Kevin working his magic on the drinks! We love this beverage tray (ours is the large size). I gave it to Kevin for Christmas one year. It does require you to have two bags of ice just so you know. Otherwise the drinks don’t stand up. Typically we’d also put oranges and lemons in the middle with the limes if necessary! 

Got the fire started about an hour and a half before guests arrived so it was the perfect temperature. We also did s’mores for dessert and that was a fun way to have a sweet treat!

Molly Anne showed everyone her chess skills!

We always love entertaining on our porch, especially when it was as beautiful as it was weather-wise. Wonderful being together with family from near and far! 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful visit! I LOL'ed at your "I work best under a little bit of pressure!". Same way!

    MA is probably beyond this, but have you seen or heard of the game "No Stress Chess"?? We used it when Sydney was learning to play and it was great! Its also a fun alternative every now and again to play a different way!