Monday, March 21, 2022


It was a good weekend and Molly Anne is home today for a teacher work day!

Reversing back to Friday. I got to play tennis in between taking Mills to get groomed. He lays in my lap at every stoplight so he can be a tad closer so I'll pet him more. 

Got to pick up these three and they were wearing their cute shirts! 

Molly Anne was on a huge monopoly kick all weekend. We played Friday night, Saturday morning, she played with our babysitter Saturday afternoon and then woke up Sunday morning and we played again. Lots of monopoly. We started playing this probably two years ago and it's been so interesting to see how well she's advancing with it. For example, she can be the bank now. Before, she couldn't break the bills but now she can add in her head and solve the math immediately. 

Grady was racked out on Friday night! 

Saturday was a busy day! Grady had his first tee ball game (post to come tomorrow!) and Molly Anne had a birthday party for a friend at AR Workshop. Of course their teacher came too. She's the best. 

We headed back and then went out to a little downtown nearby to check out the Irish pub! We saw a friend that Kevin works with. It was good to catch up with them. Wore this puff sleeve shirt!

Then we came back and headed to our neighbor's St. Patty's Day's their 21st annual! You have to take a jello shot before entering! I


It's always a good time!

Sunday morning the kids and I took a ride around the hood. Molly Anne on her bike, Grady on his scooter and I ran. We did about 3 miles and it's super hilly so I was impressed with Grady making it all that way! Of course we stopped at the playground too!

I took them to Grady's teeball practice and otherwise we just hung around. It was a good Sunday to get my act together for the week! I have a work dinner uptown tonight and tennis tomorrow night. Whew. Taking it day by day.

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