Friday, March 4, 2022

Five on Friday - Tee Ball, Tennis, Greenville

Grady started tee ball this week and he loved it! He kept calling it golf but I think he has it straight now! Kevin took him to his first practice. I think it’s going to be a really great thing for them to do together. And yes, cleats are on order! 

My tennis league started this week! I didn’t play this match because there are more of us than there are spots to play each week but I still went and watched. Got to see my friend Heather from the opposing team too! She played awesome. It’s going to be a fun thing to do each week! 

On Wednesday Margaret and I went to Greenville for work. We got some amazing recommendations from her cousin. First up lunch at Green Fetish. Highly recommend!  We also stopped into Harringtons, Copper Penny, Monkees and a home shop!

Then of course we stopped by Kevin’s favorite restaurant - Smoke on the Water and ordered food to bring home for dinner to surprise him! 

Back home for Mama duty! Mills went out back to play with the children and just started rolling around everywhere. He never does that but it was cute! Molly Anne and I got a big chuckle out of it! 

Girls night at Foxcroft wine with these ladies! This is my group of girlfriends from Molly Anne’s 3’s class. We’ve been getting together almost monthly for 4 years. We all work full time and have an almost 7 year old so it’s nice to touch base about life! They’re moms in the thick of it and really nice and fun friends. I’m always thankful for my time with them!

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