Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Daddy Daughter Dance

Kevin took Molly Anne to the Daddy Daughter Dance at our club on Saturday night! It is literally Molly Anne’s favorite day of the year and she’s been asking for two years when she would get to go again! Last they had it was a week before covid started. They missed last year. 

Molly Anne never shows him her dress or shoes ahead of time. And she always gets her hair and makeup done in her bathroom so he doesn’t see her until the big reveal! And this was the reveal! She felt absolutely beautiful and she was!

Grady kept telling her how “cute” she was and how much he loved her. It was adorable. He knew how special she felt and that made my heart swell. He’s going to be a good husband one day! ;)

That moment when you see that Daddy got you a sweetheart rose wristlet to wear!

For her hair she decided she wanted half up half down, braids and a rose. Not specific or anything but it came together as we chatted about what to do. So this is what we came up with! We joined the braids together and twisted them in a bun and that was the rose! Hard to see in this pic. 

Always front porch pictures!

She requested to send this one to her teacher! So sweet. 

A true beauty inside and out. 

Always this picture too. They’ve grown so much since they went 3 years ago then 2 years ago!

Molly Anne’s dress is from Target, her purse (great birthday gift for a friend) and her shoes

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