Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Few Grocery Items

Just wanted to share a few things I got on my grocery order on Sunday. PS I placed the order for groceries on Friday night to pick up on Sunday and it felt so good that it was done for the weekend and my meals were planned for the next week. I'm going to try to do that more often.

First up - this avocado hummus - get it and dip some broccoli, carrots or whatever in it. Delish!

Anyone eat these growing up? I did and had a little flashback! I know they aren't the healthiest by any means but the kids both ate it on Sunday night with some fruit on the side. Dinner = easy and done. 

I've been into having this watered down cranberry juice here and there - I do half a glass of ice, then fill half of it with water and pour this in for the rest. Refreshing! I'm not a huge cranberry lover but this is good.

I bought these for Molly Anne and Grady and you would have thought I hung the moon. They LOVED them. Molly Anne noticed about halfway through that they were sugar free but she still loved it. This was a treat after they ate all of their dinner! We never have dessert at home so this was a big deal. 

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